Utilizing Nature’s Elements for Stress Relief

I think we can all agree that the only real constant in life is change. We certainly have experienced and continue to experience this in massive waves as a collective, especially in the past year. While change can be beautiful and often brings about new perspectives and positive opportunities, it can also include stress and anxiety.

Our love for the elements runs deep (hence why we named our company after it!), so we wanted to use these natural pillars of our ecosystem and give you some easy ways to implement them as a way to connect to yourself, ground your energy, and find some peace when you feel the stress levels rising. Calm that nervous system so you can feel like the best version of you!

Elemental Healing Properties Made Easy

We love incorporating the elements of nature into self care and ritual work. These elements have been used in ceremony and ritual practices for centuries and provide so many beautiful healing properties. Check out some ideas below for easy ways to incorporate these practices into your routine. 


Breathing properly is crucial to helping our bodies get out of a flight or fight response. Try a breathing technique like box breathing or simply sit with your hand on your chest and belly and feel your breath expand these areas as you inhale through the nose and then exhale out of the mouth (or nose for an advanced option). Repeat until you feel your body relax.


Simply having a candle lit in your space can help shift the energy. Set an intention when you light the candle and gaze into the flame for a few moments as you “activate” the intention with the energy of the fire.


Ground! Literally sit or walk barefoot outside if possible. Lay in the grass if you can (added benefit — grab your dog!). If being outdoors is not an option, sit on the floor and visualize sitting in a place of nature. Allow your feet/body to soak in the powerful energy from the earth + visualize it coming up through your body.


So cleansing and life giving. We love incorporating baths into our routine and even add salt to really help with clearing out stagnant energy. Add some rose petals (or flowers of your choice) for a special touch.


Setting your INTENTION is super powerful and will really help you take these practices to the next level. Enjoy - YOU DESERVE TO FEEL GOOD!